Master Plan of Sports and Recreational Equipment for the city of Bogota

  • Tipo de proyecto : Reconversión urbana, Renovación urbana
  • Programa : Instalaciones públicas e infraestructuras, Espacios públicos, Espacios verdes
  • Área total : 1 543.00 ha
  • Población : 8 000 000 hab
  • Número de empleos : 14 955 jobs
  • Coste total : 300 000 000 €
  • Año de comienzo del proyecto : 2 016
  • Año de entrega del proyecto : 2 019
  • Palabras clave :
     synthetic fields
      sports scenarios
      granular rubber
      social inclusion
      children areas
      co2 reductions

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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Districts

    ​Bogota produces about 3 million used tires per year, at least 30% are thrown into the public space generating health and image problems in the city
    In 2016, we began the revolution of the synthetic courts and with its construction has contributed to improve the environment, the recycled rubber of the tires becomes the granule used in the fields.
    For an 11-a-side soccer field, 11,000 recycled tires are needed, with the construction and adaptation of 100 sports fields in Bogotá, 440,000 tires have been used that contribute to the environment and to the cleanliness of the city.
    Another benefit of the synthetic courts is that they do not need water, pesticides, or fertilizers, with the 100 fields that the city has saved 93,000 m³ of water, this is equivalent to the water consumption of 3340 people in a year in Bogota.
    The savings for the city with these new sports fields was 2,669 million that can be invested in more recreation and sport. In three years of administration, 100 fields of synthetic grass have been made, the state of New York in 20 years has made 180 synthetic sports fields.

    The savings in annual maintenance with the new sports fields was 2,669 million, which can be used for more infrastructure works
    In addition to contributing to the environment, the construction of sports fields generates employment in the city, approximately 50 direct jobs and 40 indirect jobs for each field.

    Now in Bogota there is more sport and recreational offer, the synthetic courts have made young children and adults enjoy them in 19 locations in the city.

    The figures support the works, the 100 courts in a year have had 8 million uses.

    Bogota is today an example of recreational and sports city, we are living the revolution of the courts, the transformation of lives and the construction of Dreams.

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