Building a new organic supermarket

  • Tipo de proyecto : Nueva construcción
  • Tipo de edificio : Supermercados - Hipermercados
  • Año de la construcción : 2015
  • Años de entrega : 2015
  • Zona climática : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Superficie útil : 846 m2

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    por Stephan Hain|Luxembourg
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  • Concurso

    Green Building Solutions Awards 2015

    Matériaux bio-sourcés et recyclés
    Energies renouvelables
    Santé et confort

    ​Bio-based materials: everything except the mineral floor slab and the roof sealing membrane. The wood is sourced locally, at most from a distance of 450 km.

    Renewable energies: heating requirements have been significantly reduced byusing the waste heat from the refrigeration unit. Underfloor heating isprovided entirely by the cooling system. Residual heat, as well as warm water,is supplied by a 30 m² thermal solar installation and wood-pellet boiler.
    Health & comfort: the wall and ceiling surfaces have been oiled using organic oils. The floors have been hardened only with potassium silicate, otherwisethey have not been treated. No adhesives and no synthetic insulation materialsor raw materials. No spray foam insulation used for the doors and windows,everything has been screwed together. Most of the electrical installation iscovered. The building is shielded from P&T transmission mast, with over 99%attenuation.

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    30, route d'Arlon , 8399 Windhof Luxembourg