Student house Marne La Vallée

  • Tipo de proyecto : Ampliación + Renovación
  • Tipo de edificio : Escuela, instituto, universidad
  • Año de la construcción : 2013
  • Años de entrega : 2014
  • Zona climática : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Superficie útil : 1 977 m2
  • Coste de la construcción : 4 200 000 €
  • Número de unidades funcionales : 77 Estudiantes
  • Coste/m2 : 2 124 €/m2
  • Coste/Estudiantes : 54 545 €/Estudiantes

Moderado por : Sylvain Bosquet

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  • Concurso

    Green Building Solutions Awards 2015

    Matériaux bio-sourcés et recyclés

    ​Mainly renovated building meets the requirements of THPE 2005 label. He is certified by Certivéa HQE tertiary building and responds primarily to the requirements of a bioclimatic architecture to get the most passive inputs. In winter the roof glazing 4/16/4 heats up under the effect of the light and is protected from the highest sun’s rays in summer by the mesh material that ensures its solar shading function.

    The air space (+ de14cm) between the roof and fishnet ensures natural cooling of the roof by convection. However, this solar shading function was taken into account in the regulatory calculations only in the form of solar factor for glazings while the reality is more complex. This roof hides all installations (primary ventilation, fresh air intake and extraction, ...).

    The existing buildings are insulated with hemp concrete covered with lime hemp coats (Tradical BCB) which encourages hygric exchanges between inside and outside throughout the year for better thermal comfort. The thickness of existing walls is utilized to provide the inertia to all the building. The hemp concrete works like a carbon sink and significantly improves the quality of indoor air.

    In rebuilt parts the insulation is made with pumice blocks (Cogetherm block) that require very little fossil energy for processing.

    On all large volumes, these construction systems optimize the performance of two condensing boilers that are combined to a double flow ventilation with heat recovery. No cooling system is provided, with the exception of night operation cooling of air handling units. The inertia of the buildings allows an extraordinary phase of «déphasage».

    In addition, natural ventilation is highlighted by time-delayed opening systems arranged on the roof on North sides. It allows the evacuation of the heat accumulated in the roof space by an additional air-wash during heat waves.

    The frames have been preserved, redressed and renovated in situ with wooden pieces from the demolished lots.

    The windows are made from powder-coated steel with thermal breaks to combine high reliability and performance.

    Finishings products are often left raw and they come from suppliers with a high commitment in recycling processes (acoustic insulation Organic, partitions and suspended ceilings Cleaneo from Knauf, linoleum floors).

    The layout is made with entire panels to limit falls.

    The steel roofing complex and the aluminium rooftop raw were chosen for they good lifetime and an infinite variety of possibilities of recyclability.

    Sistema/s de certificación


    Boulevard Descartes , 77420 Champs sur Marne France