Ecodistrict Molière - The Mureaux

  • Type of project : Urban reconversion, Urban renewal
  • Programme : Housing, Offices, Public facilities and infrastructure, Public spaces, Green spaces, Others
  • Total area : 70.00 ha
  • Population : 14 000 hab
  • Number of jobs : 880 emplois
  • Total cost : 409 567 545 €
  • Starting year of the project : 2 003
  • Delivery year of the project : 2 019
  • Key words :
     Labels eco heat network
      HQE development for the Molière park
      HQE building for the Molière pole
      eco-district stage 4
      Molière park
      Moière pole
      alternative management of rainwater
      heat island
      residential unit
      allotment gardens.

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    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Quartiers

    ​The strength of the eco-district of Mureaux and undoubtedly its specificity is to be in a low-income neighborhood and with a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the city and the department. However, the renewal produced by the transformation of the city has given rise to a genuine citizen dynamic that has been organized in association VIVRE LES MUREAUX to bring a TCEP (Territorial Pole of Economic Cooperation).
    This citizen dynamic has set itself the goal of full employment in 7 years by living well together and by reworking the social bond. The difficulties are transformed into asset such as the valuation of the 100 nationalities present to present the city of Mureaux as a city-world and its eco-district as a link of encounter and social link. (see the video of the testimony of Audrey Delacroix who participated in a meeting in the eco-district of a day of Living together with 650 people together for 10 hours
    This wealth of nationalities is valued with the proposal of an immersive culinary experience at the inhabitant and a work is done by the PTCE to invite more specifically HR managers and business owners to test this meeting with the inhabitants which allows to strengthen the professional network of the inhabitants, essential to find a job. The quality of the eco-district facilitates and surprises in this meeting. The association Vivre les Mureaux (Largest PTCE in France with 125 founding members including citizens, associations, companies, training institutions, communities) mobilizes these means to attract and strengthen project leaders such as with this bootcamp organized 4 and July 5 in the eco-district to the space of the inhabitants.
    PTCE is currently working with the French experiment Territory Zero Unemployment, to allow that the eco-district can be integrated in the second wave of experimentation which will be opened by the State in 2019.

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