District of La Fleuriaye

  • Type of project : Urban renewal, Urban sprawl
  • Programme : Housing, Offices, Businesses and services, Public facilities and infrastructure, Public spaces, Green spaces
  • Total area : 102.00 ha
  • Population : 3 000 hab
  • Number of jobs : 2 000 emplois
  • Total cost : 270 000 000 €
  • Starting year of the project : 1 995
  • Delivery year of the project : 2 022
  • Key words :
     Quality of life
      renewable energies
      control of energy demand
      private public
      social mix
      third-party investment
      energy-neutral district

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  • Contest

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Quartiers

    • ​Development of a living environment combining comfort of use and health,
    • A neighborhood that promotes social diversity, through access to passive housing for all social classes for all age groups,
    • A strong mix of uses: housing, tertiary, commercial, teaching, leisure, cultural ...
    • A mobilization of actors and sectors: public / private partnership, development of sectors by the accompaniment / the sensitization of the actors of the construction on the passive construction and the connection between manufacturers and suppliers,
    • Strong control of consumption by the generalization of passive housing,
    • A renewable energy production providing a 100% ENR coverage rate for La Fleuriaye West and 42% for the entire neighborhood,
    • A neighborhood that can be transposed by limiting public subsidies
    • A demonstrator allowing the development of the electricity networks of tomorrow (development of communicating transformers, experimentation of regulation of tension by the manager of the distribution network, development of the collective self-consumption ...)

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    44470 La Fleuriaye Carquefou France

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