SOGECAMPUS The Societe Generale Dunes

  • Projekttyp : Neubau
  • Gebäudetyp : Bürogebäude < 28 m
  • Baujahr : 2013
  • Übergabejahr : 2016
  • Klimazone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Nettogrundfläche : 90 000 m2
  • Bau / Renovierungskosten : 224 000 000 €
  • Funktionelle Einheit : 5 200 Arbeitsplatz
  • Kosten/m² : 2 489 €/m2
  • Kosten/Arbeitsplatz : 43 077 €/Arbeitsplatz

Moderiert von : C21 France La redaction

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    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Bâtiments

    Santé & Confort
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    Prix des Etudiants

    The building participates in the expression of a mode of work still unpublished within large companies (flex office, mobility, general telecommuting one to two days a week), which has a direct impact on the occupation and evolution of places.

    Among these new ways of working, the most emblematic at the Dunes is the one called FlexWork . Its principle is to rebalance individual and collective spaces towards more modularity , by giving more space to the collaborative and by planning different places according to needs: co-creation, brainstorming, telephone, stand-up meetings, etc. The concept of moving frame is important: benchmarks exist, but they do not hinder freedom of use.

    Concretely, with the FlexWork employees no longer have a nominative office ; they settle, according to the needs of their project, in a shared space, with the colleagues of their choice. Moving from a territorial culture to a collaborative tool requires a 360 ° change of look, with a better quality of life and more autonomy.

    The building is also an effective response to a technological challenge: to make Societe Generale the relational reference, digital, reliable, at the forefront of new technologies. At the Dunes, talent finds expression in a relaxed atmosphere, with at their disposal the range of the most innovative IT solutions.

    • 5,000 FlexWork workstations
    • +500 collaborative spaces
    • + 150 individual workspaces to focus
    • 45 relaxation areas / coffee
    • 1,000 m2 reserved for start-ups
    • 8 street artists animate the parking



    6 Allée des Sablons , 94120 Fontenay-sous-Bois France

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