Alphonse BAUDIN School Group - Bourg en Bresse

  • Projekttyp : Extension + refurbishment
  • Gebäudetyp : Schule, Hochschule oder Gymnasium, Campusgebäude
  • Baujahr : 1950
  • Übergabejahr : 2016
  • Klimazone : [Cbc] Mild, dry winter, warm and wet summer.
  • Nettogrundfläche : 1 645 m2
  • Bau / Renovierungskosten : 2 000 000 €
  • Funktionelle Einheit : 120 Schüler
  • Kosten/m² : 1 216 €/m2
  • Kosten/Schüler : 16 667 €/Schüler

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  • Contest

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Bâtiments

    Energie & Climats Tempérés
    Coup de Cœur des Internautes
    Prix des Etudiants

    • Innovation in terms of financing: the project is supported by a delegated developer: a public company Locale SPL, a first in France.
    • Innovation in terms of involvement for craft companies to engage in a CREM, few operations in France involve craft companies in a performance guarantee contract
    • A collaborative approach: teamwork and a strong collaboration which made it possible to respect the deadlines of the building site, to make emerge the relevant solutions while controlling the costs and favoring the quality of the renovation.
    • A pragmatic and optimized approach in the architectural proposal of the team which made it possible to improve the comforts:

    - thermal (Improvement of the compactness of the building by the extension) - acoustic-visual (destruction of a wart building which allowed a better contribution in natural light of the premises, and to give a very beautiful perspective on the park for the whole occupants) - well-being: expansion of the course for children and creation of a semi open courtyard to enjoy the outdoor space at all times
    Other performances:

    • An energy performance labeled BBC renovation (- 40% / Cep ref) A contractual commitment, within the framework of a CREM, with a reduction in all-purpose consumption of - 60%. A group of local craft companies and established on the territory.
    • Rehabilitation, complex restructuring managed over 12 months a record in terms of project management
    • An approach of implication and sociological approach towards the users of the buildings
    • Winning operation with the call for projects "PREBAT Demonstration buildings with low energy consumption"



    , 01000 Bourg en Bresse France

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