The Towers of Bolueta, the highest Passivhaus in the world

  • Projekttyp : Neubau
  • Gebäudetyp : Mehrfamilienhaus (Gebäudehöhe > 50 m)
  • Baujahr : 2018
  • Übergabejahr : 2018
  • Klimazone : [CsC] Interior Mediterranean - Mild & dry summer.
  • Nettogrundfläche : 45 843 m2
  • Bau / Renovierungskosten : 26 000 000 €
  • Funktionelle Einheit : 361 Wohnungen
  • Kosten/m² : 567 €/m2
  • Kosten/Wohnungen : 72 022 €/Wohnungen

Moderiert von : Sylvain Bosquet

  • Erschienen 28 May 18
    von Germán Velázquez Arizmendi|España
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    Being the highest certified Passivhaus building in the world, it implies a huge improvement in energy efficiency. On a building that complies with current regulations, and with an Energy Rating A, the reduction in heating demand will be of 80%!

    There are several issues to highlight in this project, which make it an example of global sustainability:

    -Construction traditional: It is a really remarkable aspect, the building has been built with construction techniques and conventional materials such as concrete for the structure, brick, plaster, etc. It was a premise to be able to use the same materials that are commonly used by the administration.

    -Passivhaus XXL: Its scale has meant that many constructive issues have had to be reconsidered, in order to make it viable in a building of this size. There have been times when there were more than 125 people working simultaneously in the work, it has been vital to have a great organization by the construction company, Sukia, and the Facultative Directorate, #VArquitectos.

    -Social housing: There is no typology in which it makes more sense to improve construction in order to achieve the category of passive building or almost zero consumption. In this way, energy poverty situations will be avoided, maintaining maximum interior comfort, and minimizing after sales maintenance.

    -Low cost: The budget is within the parameters established by the Basque Government for VPO construction cost. It has been necessary a deep study of all the solutions and materials to obtain the maximum benefits, maintaining the best durability without an extra cost.

    Conclusion: if it has been possible in this case and with these premises, we have the certainty that any project developed correctly can meet the necessary requirements to be considered passive or almost zero consumption.



    Calle del Pontón 10, Bolueta , 48004 Bilbao España

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