Landsea New Mansion Project

  • Projekttyp : Renovierung
  • Gebäudetyp : Mehrfamilienhaus (Gebäudehöhe > 50 m)
  • Baujahr : 2016
  • Übergabejahr : 2018
  • Klimazone :
  • Nettogrundfläche : 16 994 m2
  • Bau / Renovierungskosten : 186 930 000 ¥
  • Funktionelle Einheit : 75 Wohnungen
  • Kosten/m² : 11 000 ¥/ m 2
  • Kosten/Wohnungen : 2 492 400 ¥/Wohnungen

Moderiert von : Sylvain Bosquet

  • Erschienen 13 June 18
    von 亚丽 李|中国
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  • Contest

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Buildings


    As an artificial environment, architecture is an important part to meet the needs of human material and spiritual life. In recent years, China has been advocating energy conservation and green buildings, pursuing sustainable development. Landsea was the earliest poetry group to commit to green building exploration and research. After many years of accumulation of experience, international health standards are used in New Mansion project. Building energy efficiency was achieved by passive construction techniques and "people-oriented" enterprise idea is practiced in the practical application to ensure the sustainable development of society, environment and the enterprise. On the basis of meeting people's basic living function and aesthetic needs for housing, more attention is paid to the comprehensive balance of health, comfort, energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence.

    In this project, Landsea uses differentiated product technology for new green innovation - 4 technical innovations in New Mansion project (passive construction technology & intelligent furniture & formaldehyde control technology & ultra-clean fresh air technology) and 15 technology systems (envelope heat preservation system & super seal doors and windows system & louver shading system & air source heat pump system & capillary radiation system & three-way air filtration system & supply air along skirting line & air make-up system in kitchen & sound insulation and noise reduction system & Finland S1 formaldehyde control system & intelligent display and control system & intelligent control system of fresh air & large capacity system to receive & 24 hour-hot water supply system & water purification and softening system). After all-round renovation, the New Mansion project has become a low-carbon residence with new vitality, realizing the improvement of comprehensive quality, meeting the current higher customer demand and leading the green residential model.



    长宁区清溪路 , 200137 上海市 中国

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