College "Notre-Dame de Bon secours"

  • Projekttyp : Neubau
  • Gebäudetyp : Schule, Hochschule oder Gymnasium, Campusgebäude
  • Baujahr : 2017
  • Übergabejahr : 2018
  • Klimazone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Nettogrundfläche : 1 000 m2
  • Bau / Renovierungskosten : 1 288 026 €
  • Funktionelle Einheit : 13 Schüler
  • Kosten/m² : 1 288 €/m2
  • Kosten/Schüler : 99 079 €/Schüler

Moderiert von : Michel Heukmes

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    The college "Notre-Dame de Bon secours" of Binche is a positive construction using each subject in a rational way to get the best and avoids wasting all gray energy. Building with natural materials made it possible to build buildings with a negative carbon balance. Being of vegetable origin, the wood and the straw are fixers of C02.

    In a socially responsible approach, the De Graeve company that built the building, created in 1965 and established in Beez since 1985, has developed since 2008 an expertise in the construction of passive buildings in wood frame or in "massive-passive" .

    These highly technical projects mobilize both the know-how and the creativity of the teams. New technologies, new materials, very particular care to bring during the execution are as many subjects of reflection on which De Graeve works with its partners.

    Several projects are to his credit : the first passive nursery school in the French Community, 50 passive student housing units for UCL, a passive wooden frame nursery in La Louvière and the Ottignies municipal office in Louvain-la-Neuve. (1500 m² of passive offices). A set of 14 passive social apartments built on four floors in wood frame, exceptional project, has been awarded many times, including the "Blue House" 2012 Foundation for Generations Futures (price for sustainable construction and affordable). De Graeve is a member of the "passive houses platform" and the CAP2020 cluster.


    , 7130 Binche Belgique

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