Whole life carbon assesment of 60 buildings

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Cover Illustration: Michael Ulf Bech



Possibilities to develop benchmark values for LCA buildings

​Whole life carbon assessment of 60 buildings - Possibilities to develop benchmark values for LCA of buildings assesses the hitherto largest number of building cases collected in Denmark with regard to GWP.

As part of the objective to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, in recent years there has been great focus in the building and construction sector on reducing the climate footprint of buildings.

In this respect, life cycle assessment (LCA) is a key tool in documenting the climate footprint of buildings as a consequence of manufacturing and disposing of building materials as well as energy use at the operation stage.

This report collects and prepares LCAs for 60 Danish building cases within the building types: detached house, terraced house, apartment building, offices and other buildings. These 60 building cases provide a basis to generate knowledge about the GWP of buildings. Further-more, benchmark values have been developed for the climate footprint of buildings, and these can be used as benchmarks for future construction projects.

The report shows a clear potential to shift the building and construction sector towards a lower climate footprint and to accommodate sustainable development in society.

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