How to decarbonise heating and cooling on a European and global scale?

Representing 50% of the energy consumption of industry and buildings, the heating and cooling sector must undergo a profound transformation to be decarbonised. Local low-temperature energy loops are key to this transformation. They emit 54% less carbon than natural gas and 64% less than fuel oil(1).

To find out all about these low-carbon solutions, meet us on 19 April from 09:00am at the CentraleSupélec engineering school on the Paris-Saclay campus. A day of debates, round tables and visits co-organised by the European D2Grids project, Construction21, Fedene, Ademe, the FNCCR and Euroheat & Power.


Where and how to start? What is the interest for stakeholders? What are the various kinds of heating and cooling grids? Which innovations are most effective in making these grids flexible and adaptable to the needs of consumers? As a consumer, how can I connect to a heat grid and what can it do for me? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during the event, with testimonials from pioneers who will present the results and challenges they have encountered.

This day full of energy will offer many key moments. The morning will be dedicated to European 5th generation district heating and cooling grids and to the results of six years of development carried out by the european D2Grids project. A toolbox, developed within the framework of the European project, will also be presented to help you become a stakeholder in an innovative heating and cooling grid or in its development! Know more about this session.

On the afternoon, two round tables on the integration of these district heating and cooling grids within the city of tomorrow, the lessons learned from the Construction21 dossier as well as a face-to-face meeting on the production of heat thanks to local and renewable energy. At the same time, tours to the Paris-Saclay heating and cooling grid will be offered!

You are also welcomed to participate to the serious game organised by the FNCCR. It will give you the opportunity to play the role of one of the stakeholders in a heating grid development project. Between common and personal objectives, make the right decisions can be hard... a glimpse of what awaits you soon?

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(1) Figures from the 2020 survey on heating and cooling networks by FEDENE and SNCU

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CentraleSupélec engineering school, Paris-Saclay campus
19/04 - 19/04/2023
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