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Peel Passive House Consulting

  • Localisation : Toronto - Canada
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  • Type :  Company
  • Secteur d'activité :  Architect, urbanist

Delivering buildings that meet today’s needs and weather tomorrow’s challenges

At Peel Passive House, we share a vision for a world in which sustainable building practices pave the way for healthier and more comfortable lives, as well as a more promising future for subsequent generations. What we do is spurred by passion, empowered by a purpose that aligns with our values. Through different journeys, we have arrived on the same path.

Driven towards solutions that present simple, sensible, and effective answers to some of today’s most pressing climate change and resource conservation concerns, our team seeks to consistently demonstrate the value of our services with tangible results. We understand that without integrity, nothing works. That is why our approach is open, honest, and transparent. The world, in its present state, is calling for change, and we believe that what we do is capable of making a positive difference.  

Our team is leading the transformation of the building sector towards a future that can better meet the needs of all stakeholders, including occupants, building owners, and developers. We strive to change the paradigm of what a building can be by maximizing health, comfort, resilience, and sustainability. Whether through consultancy, training, professional certification, component certification, or building certification, we work towards making Passive House more accessible around the world, while maintaining the integrity of the method.

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