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  • Desirable, warm and comfortable homes for life at zero extra costs. It’s possible!

    Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new build standard funding approach originated in the Netherlands.

    The Energiesprong net zero energy standard provides modern and comfortable homes that people love to live in. Each home produces enough energy for its heating, hot water and appliances. Money that would have been spent on energy bills and maintenance funds the work. The cost of living doesn’t go up because real-life performance for energy use and indoor comfort is guaranteed for up to 30 years. A complete home makeover should take less than 10 days and has been done in as little as a day.

    International movement

    We work through independent Market Development Teams that intervene in the market by creating demand for this standard, increasing and improving supply capabilities, and tuning policy, regulation and finance to make a viable path to scale. By brokering large volume deals we create the momentum needed for stakeholders to act simultaneously. This creates a viable market to entice suppliers to invest in digital off-site manufacturing. Mass customisation and industrialisation are the key. We have Market Development Teams in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New York State, and the UK. The Dutch have delivered close to 10,000 refurbishments and new builds and project to double that in 2019. The French have delivered the first homes and have commitments for 6,500 more. Cities across the world recognise the Energiesprong opportunity.

    Learn more at www.energiesprong.org

    Watch our animation that explains it all https://vimeo.com/235335180 

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