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  • DAWTEC is one of major companies solely dedicated to Renewable Energy in 
    Lebanon. Having installed more solar power systemsthan just about anybody 
    in the country, DAWTEC is amongst the leading national providers of 
    renewable energy solutions.

    • Our products and components use Solar Energy and Wind Energy to generate 
      hot water and power for private homes, businesses,hotels, and schools around 
      Lebanon and the Middle East. Our reference projects comprise Solar Water 
      Heaters for residential use and for pool heating, Wind Turbine Systems, 
      Solar Photovoltaic Sytems and Heat recovery Systems. 
    • Awards

              Pergola Solar System Patent #8589

    • Products

    - Pergola Solar System
    - Solar Power Generation Systems
    - Wind Power Generation Systems
    - Solar Water Heaters
    - LED Strips
    - Solar Street Lights
    - Solar Projectors

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