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The september newsletter of the Celsius initiative is out !

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The Celsius initiative just released the September Newsletter ! 

In this newsletter, there are many interesting news about District Heating and Cooling.

On the programme : 

  • The upcoming webinar about 5GDHC grids on Wednesday September 29 at 10:00 CE :  D2GRIDS will be represented by Mijnwater Energy Ltd, the main project partner.

Know more about this webinar

  • The EU funded projects : The European Commission has been funding projects in the sector of district heating and cooling that are innovative and advancing the state of the art of district energy networks to drive the energy transition.
  • Luretta demo case : The demo case in Iurreta consists of a complex belonging to the Basque police, with 13 buildings previously served by two gas boilers connected to a heating network and several distributed heat pumps (cooling). This pre-existing network was working under suboptimal conditions and relied on fossil fuels.
  • 5th generation in focus : Advancing District Heating & Cooling Solutions and Uptake in European Cities. Download the brochure (Celsius Publication)
  • A smart Energy system coming to place in Danish Høje-Taastrup
  • A new guidebook on how to implement Low-Temperature District Heating was recently published

And much more to discover reading this Newsletter ! 

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