The SB&WRC project is supported by the European program Interreg VA France (Channel) England and receives financial support from the ERDF.


On October 3 and 4, at the Halle Poujol in Paris, the Nomadéis team, accompanied by Construction21, UniLasalle and ESITC Caen, presented the 3 alternative construction materials projects developed as part of the SB & WRC project.

Remi Guidoum, project leader, was able to explain the issues and the steps of the project on two occasions:

  • a presentation at the end of the afternoon in front of the scientific poster created for the event
  • a pitch ring in front of all the experts invited to FIBRA Innovation.

Many other scientific and industrial projects were put forward during this congress: renewable biogenic carbon, straw-bearing construction, 3D composite wall printing based on earth and flax, valorisation of the typha, invasive plant in Senegal, and more again ... The SB & WRC project had its place and interested many of the expert participants in natural materials.

FIBRA Innovation 2018, INternational congress for biobased construction, is one of the founding elements of FIBRA International gathering several simultaneous actions, including the FIBRA Award – an international architecture award, books and exhibits, and FIBRA Events – a network of associatied events.

FIBRA Innovation 2018 follows the Congrès International de la Construction Biosourcée 2017 that took place in Clermont-Ferrand in June 2017, ICBBM 2015 – International Conference on Bio-based Building Materials –, and various JEMABs – Ecoconstruction and biobased materials days – that happened in Cluny in 2015 and 2016.

FIBRA's goal is to strengthen the dynamics favouring biobased construction, and to valorise initiatives emerging in the whole world. Several partners shared their competences around this ambitious project: amàco – workshops for matters to build with: BioBuild Concept, the École polytechnique of Zurich (ETH) and the MUSEO agency for biological and cultural diversity.

Download the scientific poster (In English)

Download the scientific poster (In French)


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