The SB&WRC project is supported by the European program Interreg VA France (Channel) England and receives financial support from the ERDF.


VEOLIA, as a service provider to the environment, intervenes on different markets of Furniture ERP (Extended Responsibility to Producers), including collecting and treatment of bed waste. As such, VEOLIA operates a dismantling processing center for used mattresses in the western region of France. This center has a treatment capacity of several thousands of tonnes per year.

The dismantling centers found real difficulties in finding long-lasting processes for recovering polyurethane and latex foams. At the bottom, this is a problem of using complex recycled materials through continuous foam evacuation, operational difficulties and loss of profit.

In addition, the amount of foam mattresses end of life is estimated at about 30,000 t per year, 2/3 of polyurethane  foams and 1/3 of latex foams. It appears that this problem is impacting recycling in the bedding industry.

In view of this, ECOMOBILIER, the French eco-organization of the furniture sector from households, launched at the end of 2017 a call for projects "Eco-Innovation Challenge" dedicated to the transformation and integration of post-consumer materials from mattresses, duvets and pillows used in new products, with the aim of accelerating the development of innovative technologies and new industrial opportunities for the recycling of these materials.

VEOLIA, via Veolia Research and Innovation and the subsidiary Netra, wanted to respond to this call for projects by proposing the project "Futur For Foam", with as partners of the project FCBA (Forest Cellulose Technological Institute Wood-building Furniture) and Deloitte . The project "Futur For Foam", chosen by EcoMobilier, aims to develop an innovative product based on polyurethane foam and / or latex mattresses at the end of life based on the technical potential of foams (intrinsic properties) . The identification and validation of uses and applications presents a double challenge in terms of technical and market relevance. The main objectives of the project are to identify uses specific to the technical specificities of foams, to prototype at the laboratory scale two uses of interest and to develop a product concept on an industrial scale. This project will start in July 2018 , for a period of 30 months.


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