The VELUX commitment

High CO2-reductions

In 2007 the VELUX Group strongly committed itself to help prevent the negative impact of climate change, when we set the ambitious goal to reduce our own CO2-emisions by 50 % in 2020 – no matter how many more windows we produce or sell at that time. So far we reached a CO2-emission reduction of 29 %. In 2020, the Group expects to be nine years ahead of the EU 2degree target.

The VELUX solution

Buildings could be part of solution

The VELUX Group has dedicated itself to seek answers about energy efficient buildings of the future. We believe it is essential to find answers to how we build buildings that are both energy efficient and provide the best living conditions for the people inside. The VELUX Group has built 21 houses, in 12 countries with different climatic conditions, to develop sustainable solutions for future buildings.

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