The objectives of the Alliance are at the core of Construction21 from the beginning: this social media was created to raise awareness of building practitioners and accelerate the dissemination of efficient climate solutions across the world around sustainable buildings and cities.

By joining this alliance, Construction21 will offer an online place of exchange where all stakeholders involved in the initiative may highlight their achievements. The Construction21 network also provides the Alliance with its know-how to help green building and cities information platforms to converge (SDG #11) as required by the technology facilitation mechanism for United Nations SDG’s.

Our commitments

  • To offer to an ever-growing number of professionals, an efficient tool to facilitate the broad dissemination of innovation and best practices in sustainable construction, and especially to help isolated initiatives by unidentified practitioners to emerge ;
  • To mobilise, starting 2016, 20 countries to participate to the Green Building Solutions Awards, and 100 countries in 2020 ;
  • To develop the Construction21 network on all continents in order to cover 50 countries by 2020;
  • To increase the impact of Construction21 platforms to reach 10 millions of pageviews by 2020 and 2 millions in 2016.


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