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The WEB site " TTSB Training Tools for Sustainable Buildings" training courses online on sustainable construction is now open to the public.

was funded in the framework of a European project called LEONARDO DA VINCI TRANSFER OF INNOVATION "training Tools for Sustainable Buildings"

It contains a body of knowledge , examples of buildings across Europe and the world , a glossary in five languages and also a  training tool for teacher, legislation and france, italia Roumania, Greece and Austria  of  the fifh countries involded in the project and a dat base of materials.  ....

We can also put your projects on this site , n in this case we are reporting the projects you want to show on this site, and we will send the data sheet and to provide documents.

to register on TTSB site you can do so by sending us an email on  your details and we will send you your access code directly .

You will find more than 160 examples of innovative projects in Europe and around the world,  a body of knowledge on renewable energy, air quality management of water ,  waste, and  materials .... a creative tool  and alos à cqm , a glossary in five languages and a topic  "to know more" .

You can also forward this mail to friends to register for free

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