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This private D2Grids community is a working space dedicated to all Project Partners involved in D2Grids Interreg project. Here, partners will be able to:

  • Share project reference documents.
  • Add key dates to the calendar.
  • Share news, articles, reports to increase partners' expertise on 5G DHC.
  • Discuss specific topics in the forum

How to contribute

You will first need to create your profile on Construction 21. Here is how to do.

You can then publish content as soon as you have joined the community. Just select the type of contents you want to add (document to upload, article, bookmark, event, forum, RSS feed) and the click on “add”. The fill in the form and select the visibility level of your content (private, community members only, public).

More on how to contribute to the community

About D2Grids

5th generation heating and cooling (5GDHC), is a highly optimised, demand-driven, self-regulating, energy management system for urban areas. In this ultra-low temperature grid with decentralized energy plants, a closed thermal energy loop ensures hot and cold exchange within and among buildings. The Interreg project D2Grids, aims at rolling out this proven but underutilised concept to increase North-West Europe share of renewables. 4 pilot sites in Bochum, Brunssum, Glasgow et Nottingham will demontrate this impactful technology, in order to industrialise 5GDHC systems and boost its commercialization potential. 

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