By 2050, 70 % of the world population will live in cities, generating 3 billion of new urban citizens, 90 % of them in developing countries. The more the urban population grows; the worse the effects on climate change get. Sustainable cities must generate more human development and contribute to the attractiveness of their territory while using less energy, resources, space... --> The dissemination of best practices is a key element of this mutation.

City21, international observatory for sustainable urban solutions, aims to respond to this need. It main objectives are to highlight exemplary initiatives and facilitate the exchange of experiences, in order to:

  • Inspire local authorities, companies and urban designers.
  • Develop green city markets

Each project holder such as local authority or company will be able to refer an exemplary project or add an exemplary solution to a previously published project. 

This new obwervatory is launched the 9th of december, during the COP21 in Paris, with a first version in French and English. The tool will be deployed in the first months of 2016 on all the other Construction21 national paltforms.


Last updated on the 02-12-2015 by Véronique Pappe