The Plate form TTSB is now open to the public, you will find 160 exemples from all the countries, France Italia, Greece, Austria anr Roumania, most of the projects of Solar Decathlon over the word and in Asia.

 You will have a corpus of knowledge  with didactic elements on renevable energie, air quality, water management, materials, wastes, and legislation,.

 you will find a tool to create courses and to prepare your trainings for teacher,

you will find a MCQ  with spécific questions on energy efficiency, renevable energies, water managment, and quality of air, materials, and waste, 

 and a specifc part with website, and link to most interesting web site, an biographie, and also a glossary in 5 langueages.

 and a description of materials and entrerpsies who propose to use this matérials .

To be registred on the plate fom freely you jsut jhave to ask to arvha; in sending a mial with your details on


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