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New Energy models and regions - Examples of innovative projects around Europe

On Thursday, October 14, from 11:45 to 13:00, the European project D2GRIDS, which aims to promote the 5th generation heating and cooling grids in North-Western Europe, will be represented at the conference "New energy models and territories - Examples of innovative projects across Europe" at the Pollutec event.

This conference will aim at answering 3 questions :

  • How can we develop local renewable and recovered energy loops in our regions?
  • Synergies between cities & industries: which are the examples of positive energy regions ?
  • What are the external influences on city services?

2 speakers will be D2GRIDS partners representatives : 

  • Herman Eijdems from Mijnwater Energy Ltd, developer of the first 5th generation district heating and cooling network (5GDHC) in Herleen (Netherlands)
  • Sébastien Delpont, Associate Director at GreenFlex, D2GRIDS project leader. Construction21 board member

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