Empowering Rural Communities to be Energy Efficient and Sustainable

When: 11:00 - 13:00, Thursday 25 February 2021

Location: Online

Registration fee: Free

Organizer: HandiHeat EU NPA Project


As part of the Handiheat NPA funded EU project, we have launched a webinar series, focused on energy-efficient solutions for rural homes. The webinar will be online, from 11AM to 1PM GMT+1 

The third webinar in the HANDIHEAT series, we will address community-based renewable energy projects and equip local communities with the knowledge and skills to make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint. The event will feature guest speakers from Clαr ICH, SEAI and Community Energy NI, who will showcase various inspiring projects and schemes that demonstrate what community energy can offer and how its members can benefit. We aim to provide an insight into how these projects are established and how they can support local communities to take ownership of their energy.

To find out more about the Handiheat Project and keep up to date, visit:

Registration Information:

Our event will be hosted via Zoom Webinar. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email. Further details on how to join the event on Thursday 25th February at 10.00 am will be sent to your registered email, prior to the start date.

**NOTE** - Spaces for this event are limited, so please register early to secure your spot.


  • Alma Gallagher, Clαr ICH - Opening Welcome and Introductions from HANDIHEAT (10.05 - 10.10)
  • Caoimhe McCarthy, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) - Presentation and Q & A (10.10 - 10.40)
  • Alma Gallagher, Clαr ICH - Presentation of Clαr ICH case-study (10.40 - 11.00)
  • Karen Arbuckle, Northern Ireland Community Energy - Presentation (11.00 - 11.20)
  • Alma Gallagher, Clαr ICH - Q & A session (11.20 - 11.40)
  • Alma Gallagher, Clαr ICH - Closing Remarks & further information (11.40 - 11. 45)

Speakers : 

Alma Gallagher, Manager of Clαr ICH (...) 
Caoimhe McCarthy, Programme Executive, Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) at SEAI (...)
Karen Arbuckle, Chair of Northern Ireland Community Energy (NICE) (...)

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