Title: VCS workshop during CLIMA2016

When: 15:30 - 17:30, 24 May 2016

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Registration fee: see CLIMA2016 website

Organizer: SB Alliance

Contact: see CLIMA2016 website


SB Alliance is organising a workshop on the VCS project during CLIMA2016, the REHVA event.

  • Presentation Part 1: 15 minThe interest for investors (Frank Hovorka); 5 min: Q&A
  • Presentation Part 2: 15 minThe integration of a common energy indicator in Climate KIC Smart and Sustainable Offices certification scheme (Carolina Mateo Cecilia); 5 min: Q&A
  • Presentation Part 3: 15 min: The VCS project (Johann Zirngibl); 5 min: Q&A
  • Presentation Part 4: 15 min: The scale and reference points of the VCS (Jana Bendžalová); 5 min: Q&A
  • Conclusions: 10 min left for wrap-up and conclusions (all)

Discussion topics:

  • the link between voluntary and mandatory schemes;
  • barriers and promotors for European roll out;
  • the involvement of stakeholders.

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