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Switch to solar energy shows the Coal Authority shine - GOV.UK

Switch to solar energy shows the Coal Authority remains committed to driving down environmental and financial costs of mine water treatment schemes.

Solar power is helping the Coal Authority save energy and reduce costs. With sustainability a key focus for the organisation, the Coal Authority has been looking at ways to harness clean energy sources to help run mine water treatment schemes, which need a steady supply of power to run correctly.

Mine water treatment schemes need energy to work hard cleaning mine water for safe release into watercourses. The push to incorporate green energy into these schemes aims to protect the wider environment, to add to the existing role the scheme has to protect the immediate natural environment.

The solar power installation at the Bates mine water treatment scheme near Blyth, in Northumberland, with 2,112 solar panels, has the capacity to produce 550,000kWh of electricity each year and is performing above its expected capacity. In a typical year, 200,000kWh is used for mine water treatment and 350,000kWh is exported to (...)

An aerial view of the Bates mine water treatment scheme

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