Hibiscus Eco-district

  • Type of project :
  • Programme : Housing, Offices, Businesses and services, Public facilities and infrastructure, Public spaces, Green spaces, Others
  • Total area : 25.00 ha
  • Population : 3 000 hab
  • Number of jobs : 2 080 emplois
  • Total cost : 40 000 000 €
  • Starting year of the project : 2 006
  • Delivery year of the project : 2 016
  • Key words :
     develop into flood lands (Grand prix planning in flood zone 2015)
      new urban polarity



  • Published on 17 June 19
    by Pierre Bouin|France
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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Districts

    Sustainable City Grand Prize
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    ​The design of Hibiscus is based on three planning principles:
    • the opening to the city and the university through a street network that promotes soft traffic;
    • openness to the Other through intergenerational and cultural social mix;
    • and openness to nature with a predominance of green spaces, a combination of plantations and buildings around a vast pond.
    This technical work provides an effective solution to rainwater management while enhancing the landscape aspect and boosting the public space. The district Hibiscus offers a mix of housing to meet the different needs and a typology of shops relevant to the area. The Hibiscus Eco-neighborhood is the result of a joint reflection, between the city of Cayenne, the EPFA and its partners, where each element of the neighborhood has been conceived through a global project structuring and integrating into its environment.

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    97300 Matoury 97351, Cayenne, Guyane française France

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