Georges Othily Eco-district

  • Type of project : Urban sprawl
  • Programme : Housing, Offices, Businesses and services, Public facilities and infrastructure, Public spaces, Green spaces
  • Total area : 76.00 ha
  • Population : 4 000 hab
  • Number of jobs : 2 240 emplois
  • Total cost : 42 000 000 €
  • Starting year of the project : 2 009
  • Delivery year of the project : 2 022
  • Key words :
     economic attractiveness
      preservation of natural resources
      urban planning

  • Published on 12 June 19
    by Pierre Bouin|France
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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Districts

    Sustainable City Grand Prize
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    ​One of the strong points of the Georges Othily Eco-district is the place given to architectural creativity to meet the ecological challenges but also the topography of the site. The relationship to topography and the division into land in situations that are each time specific to the urban and landscape plan has led to the definition of constructible land entities that are unique in their situation and their constructability potential. This very strong contextualisation of each site, combined with the general rules of the Eco-district and the rules specific to the right-of-way (address, etc.), leads to a minimum urban or even architectural singularity of each operation. The principle of a division into distinct project units at the land level but also in the choice of a specific architect for each project unit responds to the desire for a strong diversity of architecture both in their typology and in their architectural expression. This desire for diversity and the uniqueness of each operation is in line with the promotion of architectural creation. In addition, integration into Social Evolutionary Housing construction programmes, even if this share is symbolic (1%, i.e. 15 housing units to be built in phase 2), makes it possible to address the issue of social accession for the most disadvantaged classes. This economic and social approach to housing will necessarily lead to a particular constructive and architectural strategy.

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