Ecodistrict Coeur de ville - La Possession

  • 项目类型 : 城区扩建
  • 项目 : 居住建筑, 办公建筑, 企业服务, 公共设施与基础设施, 公共面积, 绿化面积
  • 总面积(公顷) : 34.00 ha
  • 总人口(人数) : 5 000 hab
  • 就业岗位数量(个) : 600 emplois
  • 总投资额(元) : 56 721 000 €
  • 项目开始年份 : 2 013
  • 项目交付年份 : 2 025
  • 关键词 :
      Sustainable development
      Nature in the city
      Garden city
      Biodiversity preservation
      Participation of inhabitants
      Energy performance
      Soft mobility
      Bio-climatic constructions

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    by lucie PELLET|France
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  • 比赛/评选

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Quartiers

    ​Approach and process: do the project differently
    • 1. Build the human aspect of the project: through association and consultation with the inhabitants from the beginning and throughout the life of the project. By a project management and working methods in team project (Committee DD, visits, animation ...).
    • 2. Accompany residents in uses to fulfill the sustainable development objectives of their neighborhood: 5% of the area is landscaped gardens or 1.7 Ha, waste management (voluntary intake points and compost), the Smart system Grid allows the inhabitant to follow his energy consumption, this innovative system aimed at energy efficiency should be deployed in the heart of the city connected to measure all uses (water, electricity, gas, waste, ...) .
    Living environment and use: improving everyday life
    • 3. Allow everyone to live in the city center: social mix as a priority, with constructions without social markers.
    • 4. A city center that is betting on soft mobility (pedestrian traffic, TCSP, bicycle lanes and parking, ...).
    • 5. More convivial living and meeting places in the heart of the city with a landscaping island strategy of freshness that promotes wandering.
    Territorial development: boosting the territory
    • 6. A project factor of activities and jobs in the territory, during construction and use.
    • 7. A real business dynamic in the heart of the city with local shops and services, urban catering to meet the needs of the 5000 new inhabitants expected in the heart of the city.
    • 8. An interconnection to succeed with other neighborhoods and strategic axes of the city to make the operation a downtown for all Possessionnais.
    Conserving resources and adapting to climate change, responding to the climate and environmental emergency
    • 9. Bioclimatic approach and energy efficiency strategy in buildings (certification of energy saving, thermal comfort, choice of materials and local sectors).
    • 10. Ecological design of planted areas and hygrothermal comfort of the facilities, preservation and enhancement of existing biodiversity. 1/3 of the city center will remain planted. A real inhabited park stands between the coast and the remarkable site of Mafate, Unesco World Heritage.

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