• Tipo de proyecto : New Construction
  • Tipo de edificio : Hotel, boarding house
  • Año de la construcción : 2013
  • Años de entrega : 2016
  • Zona climática : [Af] Tropical Wet. No dry season.
  • Superficie útil : 2 400 m2
  • Coste de la construcción : 2 917 444 €
  • Número de unidades funcionales : 41 Bedroom
  • Coste/m2 : 1 216 €/m2
  • Coste/Bedroom : 71 157 €/Bedroom

Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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    Green Building Solutions Awards 2016 - Colombia

    ​The Hotel is based on the systemic approach to sustainability, this is how this project aims to be part of the solution in a scenario of global social and environmental crisis of local affection. The holistic implementation of this concept is our great differentiator on the design, construction and operation phases of the hotel. In the enviromental dimension, the building was built under the criteria of the bioclimatic architecture, it used eco-materials for the building and also for the hotel endowment, It has systems for the energy efficiency and water efficiency, waste management systems, among others. In the social dimension, the sustainable school hotel is a strategy for training and awareness of employees, guests and visitors, And the sustainable destination hotel (they are sustainable tours around the city) for enhance the sustainability experience of the guests and strengthen the local economy. The link and constant work with academia, community and the state, for the local social and environmental welfare. This is how we are practicing the civic governance and the social territorial responsibility.


    35 # 64A-92 , 0500100 MEDELLIN Colombia