La Vigneraie Residence

  • Project type : Renovation
  • Building Type : Collective housing > 50m
  • Construction Year : 2017
  • Delivery year : 2019
  • Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Construction/refurbishment cost : 5 988 329 €
  • Number of Dwelling : 504 Dwelling

Moderated by : Hassan ABOUZID

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  • Published on 24 May 19
    by Eric Balech|France
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  • Contest

    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Buildings

    Energy & Temperate Climates
    Users' Choice

    -Improvement of the comfort of the occupants of the last floors
    -Possibility to better manage the heat input in the apartments
    -Eligibility of renovations of the terraces to the Collective Zero Rate Loan
    -Reduction of condensation phenomena causing mold and black marks thanks to better ventilation
    -Improved indoor air quality
    -Easy to maneuver occultations
    -Significant improvement of thermal and acoustic comfort
    -Suppression of the cold wall effect and therefore the risk of condensation on the walls
    -Installation of a heating regulation in the apartments to avoid overheating and adapt consumption according to the use of the apartment
    - Eligibility of the co-owners to ANAH aid- Uniformity of the thermal envelope
    - Maximum attractiveness for future buyers and tenants
    - Maximum reduction of heating needs and the influence of increases of energy on the expenses of the condominium
    - Financing of works by a PTZ of 30 000 € over 15 years for all co-owners occupying
    - Possibility to compete for the call for "Sustainable Condominium" project for
    to obtain up to € 400,000 in aid from the Region (BBC level)
    - Possibility of obtaining a grant of 50% of Master's fees without taxes, up to € 80,000 (BBC level) .

    Certification Scheme


    50 avenue Jean Jaures , 78340 LES CLAYES SOUS BOIS France

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