Eco'N'Home participative housing wood/straw

  • Project type : New Construction
  • Building Type : Terraced Individual housing
  • Construction Year : 2012
  • Delivery year : 2016
  • Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Net Floor Area : 699 m2
  • Construction/refurbishment cost : 1 385 000 €
  • Number of Dwelling : 6 Dwelling

Moderated by : Izadora Alcanfôr

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  • Published on 06 June 19
    by Florence TALPE|France
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    In order to minimize the consumption of primary energy and non-renewable resources, attention was paid to the use of biobased materials and the absence of conventional central heating. The carbon footprint of the final construction is close to zero. These ambitions were translated from the design phase of the project and the study on overall performance conducted by the design office helps to highlight their impact on the project and its environment.


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