Atlantis Sanya

  • Type de projet : Construction Neuve
  • Type de bâtiment : Hôtel
  • Année de construction : 2014
  • Année de livraison : 2017
  • Zone climatique : [Am] Tropical mousson
  • Surface nette : 259 585 m2
  • Coût de construction : 779 978 400 ¥
  • Nombre d'unités fonctionnelles : 4 600 Chambre
  • Coût/m² : 3 005 ¥/ m 2
  • Coût/Chambre : 169 561 ¥/Chambre

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  • Concours

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Buildings


    This project will integrate land saving, energy saving, material saving and water saving technologies into the design. By giving priority to passive green building technology, fully optimizing active green building technology and adopting renewable energy, non-traditional water sources, green building materials and other technologies, the project will save resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution to the maximum extent, and provide users with a high quality environment of high efficiency, low enery consumption, comfort and convenience. It is of great promotion value, mainly reflected in:

    Water-saving: The project uses rainwater in the site, which will be used for greening and irrigation and road sprinkling. The amount of rain water recycled per year is 9339.3m3, and the total annual water consumption of the project's conventional water (excluding water for Marine life maintenance) is 9199,904.36 m3.The non-traditional water use rate is 1.02%.

    Energy-saving: Solar thermal collectors cover an area of 850㎡on the roof platform of the skirt building. Solar hot water systems provide 26334.75m3 per year, accounting for 17.10% of the total annual domestic hot water. The fresh air unit adopts the rotary exhaust hot return unit to recover the exhaust air cooling quantity. The calculated annual saving cost is RMB 204,000. The project recycles air conditioning condensation heat for preheating hot water in the hotel's domestic hot water and maintenance system. This system annual cost saving is 4450 thousand yuan. This project adopts chilled water thermal storage system to make full use of the peak and valley electricity price at night.

    Material saving: In this project, recycled materials, including steel, wood, glass, etc., were largely used. The total weight of building materials is 621922.4t, and the weight of recyclable materials is 63274.68t.The weight of recycled materials accounted for 10.17% of the total weight of the building materials used, exceeding 10.00%.

    Indoor environment: CO2 quality monitoring device is installed to ensure good indoor air quality. The daylighting roof is set in the part of the skirt building to effectively improve indoor lighting and reduce lighting energy consumption.



    海棠区 海棠湾海棠北路36号 , 572013 三亚市 中国

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