Walloon Region – Energy & Sustainable Construction

Philippe Henry, Walloon Government Vice-President and Minister for Climate, Infrastructure, Energy and Mobility,

The Walloon clusters, and the Belgian Embassy Trade Office, are pleased to invite you to their COP- adjacent conference on sustainable construction and renewable energy November 9, 2021  6:30PM - 8:30PM CET  

Agenda :

17:15 – 17:30 : Welcome

17:30 – 18:05: Introductions

• Opening Words – Philippe Henry, Walloon Government Vice-President and Minister for Climate, Infrastructure, Energy and Mobility

• The Solar Impulse label– Bertrand Piccard, Founder, Solar Impulse Foundation

• IPCC Perspective on building renovation - Jean Pascal Van Ypersele, Belgian Representative at the IPCC

• Building Renovation as a sustainable development objective for Wallonia – Arnaud Dawans, Senior Project Manager, Centre Scientifique et technique de la Construction (CSTC, Scientific Centre for Construction)

18:05 – 18:35 : Energy & Construction by the Walloon clusters

• Ecological innovation in the construction industry: the use of a bio-sourced label – Hervé-Jacques Poskin, Director, Eco Construction cluster

• Energy renovation in building and how to reduce their environmental impact – CAP Construction Cluster, Prof. J.-M. HAUGLUSTAINE

• Decentralised Power generation and energy management for collective residential buildings and small businesses – Cédric Brüll, Managing Director, TWEED Cluster

18:35 - 19:10: Presentation of Walloon technologies & companies

  • Home Eos - Noise insulation with organic materials
  • Gramitherm - Insulating boards made with natural grass
  • Isohemp - Insulating hemp blocks
  • AGC - Fineo Project: Energy savings through glass insulation
  • Jardin des Paraboles - environment-friendly village
  • BSolutions - Architects
  • PuriFungi - cigarettes recycling

19:10 - 19:30 : Q&A

19:30 - 20:30: Networking cocktail


Arta, 62 Albion Street, Glasgow G1 1PA,  United Kingdom


The conference will be broadcasted via Zoom for those unable to attend in-person

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Arta 62 Albion Street Glasgow G1 1PA United Kingdom or online
09/11 - 09/11/2021
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