Interview with Piero Pedone, winner of Green Building Solutions Award 2016 for "Energy & Hot Climates"

Interview with Piero Pedone, winner of Green Building Solutions Award 2016 for

4 Questions for Piero Pedone from Pedone Studio, winner of the Green Building Solutions Award 2016 for the category "Energy & Hot Climates" with case study  "Case di Luce: Residential building NZEB - Bisceglie"

1. Why did you decide to participate at the Green Solutions Awards managed by the Construction21 platform?

Our Studio is specialized in the design of energy-efficient bioarchitectural buildings with the use of innovative technologies and natural materials, which brings us daily to the search for specialist and specialized communication platforms. Our Case di Luce  project was on the Construction 21 platform since its design phase and therefore it seemed "natural" to run  the building at the Green Solution Awards 2016.

2. What are, for your study and your construction company, the main  challenges related to the fight against climate change ?

Greater weight to bioclimatic principles, great attention to the building envelope, the use of natural materials that together allow a reduction in plant components.

This is the formula of our design and entrepreneurial philosophy. The use of Carbon Negative materials, such as hemp and lime brick, capable of subtracting CO2 from the atmosphere, is a real method to face the challenge of climate change in the construction industry. We feel that we have an ethics that characterizes our entire path, from design to realization, because, as Josè Ortega y Gasset said, "I am me plus my environment and if I do not preserve this last, I do not preserve myself."

3. What are the proposals and solutions in your field to face these challenges?

Regarding the design our starting point is bioclimatic analysis that with natural materials becomes "elements of architectural design". In our “Case di Luce”, bioclimatic greenhouses, canopulas, lime and hemp and cork become part of an "architectural language", well knowing that these choices, from both a practical and aesthetic point of view, have a positive impact on the fight against climate change.

From the entrepreneurial point of view, the choice is even more important, as the use of completely natural wall combined with the properties of “Bio-brick” - an excellent thermo-hygrometric and acoustic isolator - makes it possible to place the user at the center of the intervention, as the living environment becomes healthy and of great comfort, realizing an unbeatable quality of life.

4. What were the returns of your participation and winning of the International Competition?

Winning an International Contest is useful firstly for us, in order to consolidate the awareness of the path undertaken, which is certainly with some difficulties and hindered by the mystifications that prevent or confuse the users’ correct understanding of what a "new good house" is. 2020 is now very close, but the availability of buildings already built up in the respect of European principles is nearly non-existent. I believe that prizes such as the Green Building Solution Awards can help spread the good practices with the goal of showing to all the stakeholders in the construction industry, what the path to undertake is.


Case study Case di Luce
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