XI BioEconomic® Day Sitges 2022 "Building on Wood, sustainable, healthy and efficient construction and its climatization"

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XI BioEconomic® Day Sitges 2022

In this conference we will see the benefits of wood, its climatization and energy efficiency, objectives on which to act in the fight against climate change. In the construction sector, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Europe and 30% of CO2 emissions, the main causes of this phenomenon that has become a global challenge for humanity.

Wood requires much less energy in the transformation process from raw material to building material than steel or concrete. For example, the energy required to produce a glulam beam is one-sixth of that required to make a steel beam of comparable strength.

Once the building is constructed, wood contributes to energy savings through its thermal insulating qualities. Its hygroscopic properties (the ability to regulate the relative humidity and temperature of the environment) create temperate environments in both hot and cold months. A wooden wall is considered to insulate 15 times more than a concrete wall.

These qualities make wood a particularly suitable material for the construction of passive houses, which meet the criteria of the Passivhaus standard, the most demanding in the world in terms of energy efficiency. For the construction of this type of building, whose energy consumption is between 75 and 90% lower, it is necessary, among other aspects, to provide a high level of insulation in the exterior walls and roofs, for which wood is an ideal material. An adequate ventilation system should be provided to renew the air and reduce the risk of condensation or humidity problems, with the possibility of invisible climatization.             


Carrer de la Davallada, 12, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona
30/09 - 30/09/2022
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