X BioEconomic® Sitges 2021 Conference “Biophilia, reconnecting the city and buildings with nature”.

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X BioEconomic® Sitges 2021 Conference “Biophilia, reconnecting the city and buildings with nature”.

The Sitges City Council and BioEconomic are pleased to announce the X BioEconomic® Sitges 2021 Conference “Biophilia, reconnecting the city and buildings with nature”.

The purpose of the Conference is to publicize how to integrate Biophilia in the territory and in buildings, to give it a sense of connection with nature. We will see the importance of green infrastructure in health. An evolutionary process of natural selection that operates in intelligent species whose survival depends on the close connection with the environment and the practical appreciation of the plants and animals in the environment. Construction and health must work together, it is about integrating Biophilia, reducing energy consumption in buildings, but also reducing and limiting risks to the health of users, ”. We will highlight the quality and respect for the environment in the territory and the building, delving into how construction and rehabilitation can be more respectful of the quality of life and the health of people.

Passivhaus principles provide a set of global improvements, from the user to the building to the environment. The spaces are configured through various concepts, being able to include the concept of Biophilia, as more natural spaces.

The WELL certification promotes the definition of minimum parameters and mandatory compliance to guarantee an improvement in the health and well-being of its users at all levels, both physical, mental, emotional and social.

The inauguration and welcome will be in charge of Aurora Carbonell, Mayor of Sitges, the presentation will be in charge of Sebastià Parera, Manager of BioEconomic®

Introduction Fc. Xavier Garcia-Marquès, Environmental Technician at the Sitges Town Hall, moderates Eduard Terrado, with a degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Barcelona. Collegiate number 1,932 in the Official College of Geologists, Town Planning and Natural Spaces Councillor in the Sitges Town Hall.

  • The Global Context and Philosophy of the Passive House Standard, Micheel Wassouf, CEO Energiehaus, Architect, Certified Passive House Designer, Building Certifier.
  • Archinature, Biomimicry and Sustainability, Aryanour Djalali, CEO, DNA Barcelona Architects.
  • The trend of vertical gardens and green roofs in the development of cities, Jose M. Blas, Landscape architect
  • The impact of biophilic design on people's well-being, Odile Béranger, Concept Designer at Interface.
  • WELL Building Standard® Rating system to measure the impact of buildings on people's health and well-being and new WELL Health-Safety Rating certification, Bieito Silva, WELL certification manager at ITG - Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia.

We will see success stories of homes, buildings and territories that are committed to sustainability, as well as the solutions and materials used. Round of questions.

The closing will be in charge of Xavier Roig Juan, Councillor for Sustainability, Climate Change and Energy Transition of the Sitges Town Hall. To end a networking - catering on the terraces of the Palau Maricel.

Aimed at Public Institutions, Architects, Engineers, Installers, Builders, Entrepreneurs, Promoters, SMEs, Hotels, Rural Houses, Purchasing Advisors and Communities of owners.

Free registration: www.bioeconomic.es

PALAU DE MARICEL, C. de Fonollar, 7, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona (Spain)
29/10 - 29/10/2021
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