24 janv 2019
 Le Bourget-du-Lac, France   24/01 - 24/01/2019

The exhaustion of global terrestrial resources and the need to avoid occupation of large farmlands with ground-based solar plants has encouraged the rapid growth of floating PV systems.

Apart from addressing these space scarcity issues, floating PV also benefits from improved system efficiencythrough natural cooling. 
On the other hand uncertainties remain about operation and maintenance of floating PV systems, the durability of the materials as well as the long term effect of these systems on the aquatic environment.
This workshop will give an overview of floating PV systems, give operational feedback from various systems and present innovative technologies under development. 
It most of all serves to identify those challenges that still need to be addressed, like on certification standards, reliability, bankability aspects and environmental safety.
The workshop, organized by INES and CEA Tech, will offer ample opportunities for discussion and exchange outside of the presentation sessions.


Thursday 24th January 2019
Polytech Chambéry - France
Campus Savoie Technolac


Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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