[WEBINAR] - Towards greener and more durable concrete

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[WEBINAR] - Towards greener and more durable concrete

Recording of the joint webinar co-hosted with the ReSHEALience project on 7th of October 2020. EnDurCrete project.

Concrete is the world´s most consumed man-made material. The environmental impacts associated with cement (and thus concrete) production are a cause for concern: global cement industry is responsible for at least 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions and cement production is energy-intensive accounting for 2% of global primary energy consumption; and 5% of global industrial energy consumption.

The webinar was hosted by two research projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme - EnDurCrete and ReSHEALience! We were talking about developing environmentally friendly and highly durable concrete, showed you videos from a demonstration in real conditions, testing, casting and more.

Watch the recording HERE!

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