[WEBINAR SPECIAL UTILITIES] How to increase loyalty and Energy Service Sales in Utilities’ Customers

04 02 2020
 ONLINE   04/02 - 04/02/2020

Discover how Energy Digitalisation will increase Services Revenue to SMEs in your Utility

Did you know that less than 2% of customers are receptive to energy-driven offers? This is mainly due to the high cost of personalisation, which causes massive campaigns with little relevant offers.

What if we could change the way we approach customers? And, what if we could adapt the offer to each customer automatically? In this way, your marketing company will be able to increase the sales volume of its services and improve customer loyalty.

In this Webinar you will learn how to accelerate the segmentation and personalisation of service offers to your customers, whether they are SMEs or large accounts. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to detect opportunities en-masse across all your clients
  • Automatic customisation of offers 
  • Advanced segmentation and marketing campaigns
  • Integration with your organisation’s existing omni-channel marketing services
  • Measure and verify energy savings in real-time


The Webinar will take place on the 4th of February at 15h CET.


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Moderated by : Construction21 Communication

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