Webinar - Skills enhancement needed for Energy Efficient Historic Buildings

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Webinar - Skills enhancement needed for Energy Efficient Historic Buildings

Hosted by BUILD UP, the INCREAS project (Innovation and Creative Solutions for Cultural Heritage) organises a webinar titled "Skills enhancement needed for Energy Efficient Historic Buildings”. The INCREAS project is about describing the Cultural Heritage sector based on required skills, which covers the skills identified and trained by our previous H2020 project PRO-Heritage “Protect traditional built Heritage Skills”. The event will take place the 28th February 2023 at 10.00H CET.

The webinar will consist of 4 presentations sections, including material and outcomes from the INCREAS pilot project and the H2020 PRO-Heritage project. The expected outcome of this workshop is to share the project experience and outputs, focusing on the skills intelligence and enhancement for improving the Energy Efficiency of traditional buildings, pilots’ implementation and deployment, receive feedback on our advances and build platform for future collaborations. The INCREAS project (www.increas.eu) was funded in 2020 by European Commission under project number EAC-2020-0304 and the PRO-Heritage project (www.pro-heritage.eu) under project number H2020-785211.

The INCREAS project describes the Cultural Heritage sector based on required skills, mainly for traditional built buildings. These buildings need traditional construction skills to be in shape and energy efficient. Therefore, the focus in INCREAS is on protecting these skills, which are in many European countries already at-risk or died out. Seeing the need to protect and recover these skills and knowing it was mentioned recently that there are not enough options for skill enhancement in the sector available. INCREAS used the existing centres and training bodies in Austria to develop a concept for an EU Competence and Community Centre for Cultural Heritage and piloted it in the Charterhouse Mauerbach.

Skills enhancement in the Cultural Heritage sector required also to have a closer look on Energy Efficiency of traditional built buildings. There is a huge misunderstanding that these buildings cannot be energy efficient or it is too expensive doing this. To clear up these misconceptions the PRO-Heritage project identified Best Practice Examples for Energy efficient traditional buildings, researched an optimised approach to increase Energy Efficiency and developed a training course for enhancing the skills of tradespersons in the Cultural Heritage sector. At project end PRO-Heritage certified above 200 persons as Energy Experts for Cultural Heritage.


  • Brief introduction to BUILD UP and to the webinar topic (by BUILD UP) [5 mins]
  • Welcome address by Burghauptmann Reinhold Sahl (Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich, Austria) [5 mins]
  • Welcome address by Barbara Stacher / EU Commission (Culture) [5 mins]
  • Energy transition and the role of construction skills in VET (by Gerald Wagenhofer/UBW, Austria) [10 mins]
  • INCREAS: Traditional Skills at Risk (by Federica Epifani/CUEBC, Italy) [15 mins]
  • Initiating poll discussion #1 (by mentimeter) [5 mins]
  • PRO-Heritage: Improving Energy Efficiency of Traditional Buildings (by Gerald Wagenhofer/UBW, Austria) [15 mins]
  • Initiating poll discussion #2 (by mentimeter) [5 mins]
  • INCREAS: Industrialised Solutions understood as Standardised Implementation – Care & Repair executed by experience craftsperson and conservators (by Astrid Huber/Bundesdenkmalamt, Austria) [15 mins]
  • Q & A session (by Karin Novotny/UBW, Austria) [10 mins]

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