[Webinar] Powering the green transition in Europe’s buildings

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[Webinar] Powering the green transition in Europe’s buildings

Upcoming Level(s) webinar at the European Week of Regions and Cities: ‘Regions, Cities and Level(s): Powering the green transition in Europe’s buildings.’

Cities and regions are key players for implementing the green transition to a sustainable built environment. This session will explain how the Level(s) framework can be used as a common language to engage a variety of actors in the building sector and translate broader EU climate and circular economy objectives into building projects within local and regional contexts.


Why attend ?

  • Learn how Level(s) can provide a simple entry point for applying circular economy principles in the built environment.
  • Hear examples of how regional initiatives use Level(s) to deliver on local goals for the green transition.
  • Understand how Level(s) is impacting building policy.


Who should attend ?

  • Representatives of public bodies at regional and city level who are involved in the planning and procurement of buildings, such as:
    • Local and regional public authorities,
    • Public authority networks and associations,
  • Buildings industry representatives involved in delivering the buildings of the future, including:
    • Buildings contractors (including those bidding for buildings contracts),
    • Buildings developers and financiers.


What can Level(s) do for cities and regions ?

Level(s) is an EU assessment and reporting framework that provides the basis for including lifecycle thinking and circularity in building policy. The framework uses core sustainability indicators, tested by the building sector, and provides a robust approach to measure and support improvements from design to end of life.



  • is based on a method tried and tested across the EU ;
  • is a simple entry tool to sustainability assessment with a step-wise approach ;
  • guides EU policy (including the Sustainable Finance Taxonomy and proposed revisions of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive) ;
  • is being integrated into the EU Green Public Procurement Criteria for buildings ;
  • brings minimum numbers of indicators with maximum leverage to deliver sustainability ;
  • creates a common language for a variety of actors.


Save the date!
The webinar will take place on 12/10/22 from 16:00 to 17:00 (CEST). You will notify by email and through the LinkedIn Group when online registration opens.

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