WEBINAR : Mapping energy poverty & assessing its climate impacts to support clean air policies in the Eastern EU countries

15 04 2019
 Web   15/04 - 15/04/2019

Although the energy poverty theme is rapidly spreading over the EU, it has distinct specificities in EEC: low-income households cannot afford to change the old inefficient heating equipment or replace the poor quality heating fuels. Thus, they become a primary cause for dramatic seasonal increase in air pollution in their communities. The lack of precise data on the quantities and quality of the fuels used makes estimation of environmental, climate and health impacts difficult.

The InventAir project aims to explore the multiple environmental and climate impacts of energy poverty by focusing on the development and implementation of clean air and energy poverty policies in Eastern European countries (EEC). It will help shape local, national and EU policies and actions for tackling energy poverty and air pollution by bringing forwards and raising the public awareness on the link between the inefficient heating practices among energy poor households and the rapid air pollution in their communities.

This webinar is intended to energy and climate practitioners from municipalities to increase their knowledge and capacity to properly address the challenges of energy poverty and air pollution. The speakers will present the tools developed within the project for mapping energy poverty and assessing its climate impacts and will showcase two successful implementations of these strategies.



10:00-10:10 Welcome

10:10-10:15 Introduction to the challenge of energy poverty and air pollution in the Eastern European Countries , Ina Karova EAP Plovdiv

10:15-11:00 What are the policy challenges for wood and coal residential burning in the Eastern European Countries (DUH)

How energy poverty underlies the poor heating practices and use of low quality wood and coal (FOCUS)

How does multiple assessment of the energy poverty targeted actions benefit the long-term sustainable energy planning (EAP). Case studies: City of Smolyan (Bulgaria) and City of Zagorije (Slovenia)

11:00 – 11.15 Q&A // Discussion session

11:15-11:30 Energy poverty in the frame of the Covenant of Mayors – tools and guidebooks, Giustino Piccolo, Covenant of Mayors Office

11:30-11:45 Q&A // Wrap up session

DATE: 15th of April 2019 (from 10.00 to 11.45)


Organised within the InventAir project co-funded by the European Climate Initiative

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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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