[WEBINAR] How to choose which Energy Conservation Measures to invest in

 energy efficiency  energy consumption  sustainability
12 09 2019
 ONLINE   12/09 - 12/09/2019

A  customer hired you to help them make their building more efficient and move their business culture to a more sustainable one

Then, you begin to explain the steps to follow in order to reduce consumption, change facilities, make their building more efficient ... 

And then comes one of the complicated parts of the process: 


"To propose the ENERGY SAVING and EFFICIENCY MEASURES that need to be carried out, and how much it will cost"

Does it sound familiar?


This is the day to day of any Energy Consultant, and one of the key phases is decision making related to ECMs and Investment.


In this WEBINAR, we want to help you and give you guidelines to make this phase as easy as possible. Thus, in this session, you will learn:


  • The different types of ECMs that you can carry out,
  • What data you should look for to make the best savings proposals,
  • How you should communicate and what information to give to your client,
  • And you will learn about energy analysis tools that will help you before, during and after applying ECMs. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your Energy Consultant skills and book your seat now!!


Moderated by : Izadora Alcanfôr

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