Webinar: Gas, Fuel and Thermal Optimisation

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Webinar: Gas, Fuel and Thermal Optimisation

How to Optimise Gas, Fuel and Thermal Energy Sources in Your Building - Webinar: 1 December 2016 at 3 PM CET (Barcelona, Spain)


  • Daniel Utges, Product Director, DEXMA
  • Nicole Harper, Energy Editor, DEXMA

The webinar will be hosted by DEXMA, an energy analytics firm based in Barcelona.

You can register at http://dex.ma/2gmUzIc


With winter fast approaching and gas prices on the rise, optimisation of thermal energy sources has never been more important for building and facility managers. In this webinar, we'll show you how to include additional heating energy sources for a more holistic optimisation of your building's overall energy consumption. You'll also learn which meters and hardware you need to monitor thermal sources, how to automate gas and thermal energy analysis and how to manage fuel tanks remotely. 

01/12 - 01/12/2016
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