[Webinar - Celsius Talk] Keeping it Cool with District Cooling

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[Webinar - Celsius Talk] Keeping it Cool with District Cooling

July and August 2020 will be remembered as one of the hottest months ever recorded, bringing heat waves, droughts, wildfires and floods across the globe.

While European cities have been sweltering in the heat, we all have been looking for cooling: in the countryside or at the coast, or inside our buildings. Ironically, the devices that keep us cool in our homes – air conditioning – cause even higher temperatures as they are heating the surroundings and require record levels of electricity. And the trend is accelerating: the IEA predicts that energy demand for space cooling could increase by as much as 50% globally by 2030. 

But are ACs the only solution? They are not! District Cooling (DC) is one of the sustainable solutions that can cool down our buildings and cities in an affordable way. 

During this Celsius Talk we will explore the world of DC, how it works exactly, what’s its market share in Europe and which development are made worldwide with regards to this efficient technology.  We will also look into different cases and projects across Europe where DC networks make efficient use of renewable and waste heat: Barcelona and Vienna. 

Join us and find out how to cool our planet in a sustainable way! 



13/10 - 13/10/2020
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