[Webinar] Canada-EU exchange: Data that Informs Efficiency Policies

Future-oriented policymaking that enables systematic decarbonisation of the building stock and increased investment into clean energy solutions, requires access to comprehensive and transparent energy data. But accessing and building these datasets is far from a straightforward process.


The webinar will start with an overview of best practices for data collection and managing large-scale data inventories for buildings, followed by a discussion on evidence-based decision-making: Canadian and European experts will explore emerging indicators and discuss how data can inform broader energy efficiency policies that support the decarbonization of buildings.

Presentations and panel discussions will look to address the following questions:

  • What are the key indicators required as the backbone of robust energy efficiency policy?
  • What are the arguments and models are that can convince a wide range of stakeholders – private individuals, companies, utilities, and institutions – to share their data? What are the incentives to get them to share?
  • How do you mitigate and overcome privacy obstacles? How great an obstacle is the “privacy” issue?
  • What is the ideal regulatory framework to break down the existing barriers to facilitate comprehensive and transparent data collection?
  • Given your experience with data collection and databases, who is your key target audience? Private sector decision making? Policy makers?


  • Welcome and housekeeping: Oliver Rapf, Executive Director, BPIE
  • Getting good data: a high-level overview of data collection and best practices, IEA (TBD)

Session 1: Data collection and best practices

  • European Data collection: The Building Stock Observatory, Pau García Audi, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Canadian Data collection: views from Statistics Canada, Philippe Gagné, Assistant-Director & Robert Patrick Dunphy, Manager Data Integration Infrastructure Division, Statistics Canada

Session 2: Evidence based decision making and emerging indicators

  • Panel discussion composed of European and Canadian experts.

Closing remarks: Luigi Scarpa de Masellis, Senior Advisor, Economic and Commercial Affairs, EU Delegation in Ottawa, TBC

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