[Video] Sponsor of the Green Solutions Awards 2018, Rabot Dutilleul "put sustainable development at the heart of its strategy"

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[Video] Sponsor of the Green Solutions Awards 2018, Rabot Dutilleul

For Rabot Dutilleul, a family-owned development-building company, the buildings are a "showcase for human activities". As the Green Solutions Awards is "one of the few competitions to promote real buildings with users", the Group is naturally committed to supporting the competition. And more particularly the Grand Prix Rénovation durable, since Rabot Dutilleul focuses primarily on rehabilitation issues.

Rodolphe Deborre, Innovation and Sustainable Development Director, explains Rabot Dutilleul's commitments in terms of sustainable development and gives some examples of the Group's actions to respond to the challenges of climate change: rehabilitations, use of biosourced materials ... Discover his interview!

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